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Be Right Back! The Separation Anxiety Podcast

Jan 8, 2022

No dog ever voted for being left home alone. Yet, the average dog has learned to put up with our comings and goings.  They welcome our return with tail-wagging joy.  “You’re home! How wonderful for us both!”

It’s different for dogs with separation anxiety.  They don’t cope with being left home alone the way...

Dec 8, 2021

During the holidays, many of us are on the road visiting family and friends. And I'm often asked whether it's worth training when you're away.

That's why in this episode I dive into the pros and cons of doing separation anxiety training away from home. If you're traveling this festive season, tune in to find out what...

Nov 9, 2021

Having seen 1000s of owners go through separation anxiety training, I've got a pretty good sense of the most common questions people have, to say the least!

That's why in this episode and next, I'm giving you the answers to the most frequently questions that come up, including how often should you train, how long...

Oct 23, 2021

As much as I know you're 100% committed to managing absences, what happens in an emergency? As horrible as it is to think about bad things happening is does pay to have a contingency plan should disaster strike. 

In this episode I look at how to plan for those rare occurrences where you might, just might, need to leave...

Oct 17, 2021

There are few, if any, aspects of separation anxiety that create more mythology than crating.

I see way too much muddled and confusing advice, and I can see that many of you struggle to get your head around whether or not to crate your dog.

To clear things, up this episode covers the seven facts about crating that you...