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Be Right Back! The Separation Anxiety Podcast

Jul 29, 2023

If you’ve ever put off separation anxiety training, you are definitely not alone. Procrastination in training is such a common issue. Human brains are naturally inclined to seek immediate rewards, and a session of separation training definitely doesn't deliver that. It's all about long-term pay back.

No wonder then,...

Jul 21, 2023

In today's episode, we're diving deep into the world of social media and its impact on our understanding of separation anxiety in dogs.

We'll explore the myths, misconceptions, and misinformation that often circulate online, and how they can confuse and derail us when trying to help our pups. 

From miracle cures to...

Jul 16, 2023

Ever wondered if all the separation anxiety training you do is actually worth it? Well, that very topic came up during a recent group coaching Zoom with my Separation Anxiety Heroes members.

And it made me think: is separation anxiety training actually ever a waste of time?

Well, I’m passionate that it is a...

Jun 23, 2023

One of the hardest things I ever have to tell anyone is that to get their dog over separation anxiety, they need to find ways not to leave their dog in the meantime.

It never goes down well.

And I get that. I mean, when you get a dog the last thing you sign up for is not even being able to go out to get a pint of...

Jun 3, 2023

On this episode of Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast, I get to chat to the brilliant Dr. Karolina Westlund, a huge name in the world of animal behaviour.

Our focus? The use of punitive approaches in dog training, and in particular the problems associated with punishment. Karolina has identified 20 major...