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Be Right Back! The Separation Anxiety Podcast

Dec 23, 2022

Anxious people create anxiety in their dogs, don't they? Perhaps you've been told that. Perhaps you've thought that. It seems so plausible that it must be true, right? Well, not so fast. There isn't a ton of evidence, especially as it relates to separation anxiety. 

That's why in this podcast I debunk this theory, and...

Dec 18, 2022

It’s that time of year: gathering with friends and family for cosy times, festive food, and…conversations about your dog. 

If it feels like everyone you know is an expert in separation anxiety then you’re probably bracing yourself for heaps of unsolicited, unhelpful advice, from people who mean well, but who just...

Nov 24, 2022

Increasingly research shows the link between pain and behavior in dogs. While it’s not the only reason dog’s present with behavioral challenges, it can be a significant contributing factor.

And that’s why in the episode I chat with canine rehabilitation specialist, Sue Van Evra. Sue is the person we go to when our...

Jun 17, 2022

No one gets up in the morning and puts on a t-shirt saying “I can’t wait to do separation anxiety training today”. And so it can be easy to find that life gets in the way, and we end up not training. 

Or, when we do train, we're ALL about the training. So much so, that it feels like that's all we do. 

If this...

Apr 26, 2022

Oh, those infuriating dips, drops, setbacks, and regression.

There isn't a dog parent out there who doesn't go through ups and downs in separation anxiety training. 

The thing is, though, what we see as confounding and confusion variable progression is actually very normal.

And when we understand what's going on in a...