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Be Right Back! The Separation Anxiety Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

It’s time to clear up the biggest misconnection in separation anxiety training - that you can treat the symptoms without tackling the cause. Here’s what I mean by that. You need to stop searching for a way to stop barking, destruction, or manic escape attempts.

The only way to stop these is to change the way your...

Oct 24, 2018

So to crate or not to crate: that’s one huge debate among separation anxiety owners. In today’s episode, I'm going to tell you why crates and separation anxiety are just not a good mix. I’ll also tell you why I love crates (but just not for separation anxiety).

And I'm going to explain what your alternatives to...

Oct 24, 2018

Did you ever hear the one about how you caused your dog’s separation anxiety? I bet you have. We all have!

But it’s simply not true. This week I’ll tell you about what we do know about the causes of separation anxiety. And I’ll tell what we now absolutely does not cause separation anxiety.

I’ll also dive into...

Oct 23, 2018

How did you react when you first found out your dog had separation anxiety? Were you devastated, in denial or prompted to take action? Finding out your dog has such a challenging condition is tough! But no matter how you find you can take immediate action.

This week’s podcasts explores how you can confirm if your dog...